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              About US

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              Yantai Lianli Chemical

              Contacts : Chu de Peng

              Phone : +86-13905352463

              Address : No.88 Changjiang Road,Laiyang Economic Development Zone,Yantai City

              Zip code : 265200

              Tel : +86-0535-7839988

              Fax : +86-0535-7869988

              Email : LL@lianlichemical.com

              Web : www.shuttermap.com

              About US

              Yantai Lianli Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in May 2016. It is located at No. 88 Changjiang Road, Laiyang Economic Development Zone, Yantai City. Its predecessor is Yantai Yande Chemical Co., Ltd. which was established by Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Company in 1988. Over the years, enterprises have been constantly learning and digesting advanced technology at home and abroad, innovating and optimizing production capacity, and actively responding to the call of the State "Chemical Industry Entry Park" to relocate to the site in 2016. The total investment is over 130 million yuan, covering an area of 35,000 square meters. A set of Chloroalkyl metal production plant with an annual output of 2,500 tons has been built, which adopts advanced DCS control system and SIS safety instrumentation chain system. 

              At present, the maim chlorinated alkyl metal manufacturer in China.

              The company's main products are diethyl aluminum chloride, triethyl aluminium trichloride, dichloroethyl aluminium, trimethyl aluminium trichloride, dimethyl aluminium chloride, trimethyl aluminium, 13% diethyl aluminium chloride mineral oil solution, dichloroethyl aluminium hexane solution, mainly used in olefin polymerization and its catalyst production, synthesis of ethylene propylene rubber and isoprene rubber, and production of pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates.

              The company has 26 professional technicians, R&D personnel, 15 managers, product R&D centers and inspection centers under it. It has advanced testing and analysis instruments, and has long-term cooperation with scientific research institutions such as the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with strong R&D strength.

              In the course of more than 20 years'development, the company has always put the quality and safety of products at the top of its management work. It has successively passed the internationally recognized ISO 9001 quality management system certification, ISO 14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS 18001 integrated occupational health and safety management system certification. It has won the certification of PetroChina, Sinopec, Yantai Wanhua Chemistry and Korea, Japan and Russia. The trust and praise of businessmen at home and abroad in Ross, Middle East and other countries and regions.

              At present, the company is relying on the State Key Laboratory to prepare and build a set of 300 tons of trimethylaluminium production plant annually. Trimethylaluminium is mainly used in semiconductor rubber, photovoltaic, metallocene catalysts and other petrochemical fields. It is a national key development of fine chemical projects, but also an important part of the national key development of new materials. The technical indicators of the products have reached the international higher level.

              Unilever Chemicals always adheres to the enterprise spirit of "safety, integrity, environmental protection, innovation", upholds the value concept of "customer first, pursuit of excellence", and insists on providing customers with high-quality products and services; constantly strengthens the enterprise management system, and wholeheartedly serves customers from all over the world with the concept of warm and efficient service to create a better future!

              Yantai Lianli Chemical CO.,Ltd

              Address:No.88 Changjiang Road,Laiyang Economic Development Zone,Yantai City

              Copyright Yantai Lianli Chemical All rights reserved

              Yantai Lianli Chemical CO.,Ltd

              Copyright Yantai Lianli Chemical All rights reserved